Universal Remote Control TV Apps For Android & iPhone

Did you know there are Universal Remote Control Apps for your smartphone that are programmed to work with all your audio and video components? There are hundreds to choose from and some are free and some are paid. Instead of buying an actual universal remote, simply download one of the free apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If your phone has an IR blaster then any of these apps will work with your phone. Many of these apps will be able to control over 200,000 different components!

universal remote control TV apps for androidThe Google Play Store has hundreds of FREE universal remote control apps

The most downloaded universal remote control app for android is IR 2.0 – IR Universal Remote. This app is FREE and can control ALL of your components including TV, Audio Receiver, Dish Network Box, Directv Box, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation, and much more!

freeiruniversalremoteCustomize these Universal Remote apps for your specific components!

Other universal remote apps for android are, Samsung IR Universal Remote, Unified Remote, ASmart Remote IR, SureMote – Universal Remote, AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi, and last but not least Galaxy Universal Remote. Here is the page that contains all of the Universal Remote Apps for Android phones.

Below are a few videos of how some of these amazing apps can help you to control all of the audio and video components in your home.
(If you have a Roku, there is a great Roku app that works perfectly with your smartphone.)

Ultimate Universal Remote For Android


Smart Remote Android take control of your Infrared devices with your smartphone

Roku Remote Android App – How It Works

Using your Samsung Galaxy Phone for a Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote TV App For iPhone

Here are more websites reviewing and suggesting different apps to make your phone a universal remote. The best to read are 5 Best Universal Remote Apps for Android, RoomieRemote for IOS and Android, MyURemote, and iPhone apps that control your devices.

If you choose to just use a real Universal Remote Control, there are hundreds of different types. Here is a large selection of remote controls for TV, DVD, CD, Receiver, SAT, CABLE that are available online.

universal remote control for tvAmazon has hundreds of great universal remotes
that can control all your audio and video components

Do you know of some great apps that turn your phone into a remote control?
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  1. Remote Control Codes

    Diane Ross,
    Try using an app on your LG Android phone as there are no codes in our database for that unit.

  2. I need the code to program a Seiki Television to a universal remote, and your site say that they have codes for all TV’s. Hopefully you will be able to help me.

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