Remote Control Codes

Codes For Universal Remotes has the remote control codes you need to control ALL your devices and components. Find your TV, Television, DVD, Blu-Ray Player, Receiver, Satellite BOX, Cable BOX, VCR players, Combo players, Media BOX, and Surround Sound component codes all in one place. We list ALL the codes you will need to make your universal remote control work with all the audio and visual equipment in your home theater.

Remote codes for TV DVD AUDIO VIDEORemote codes for TV DVD AUDIO VIDEO

Universal remote controls can control audio and video devices of just about any brand and model number. For each of your devices you will have to enter a 2, 3, 4, or 5 digit Device Code into the universal remote control. We will help you find the right Device Remote Code for your audio and video equipment. Your remote control model number is usually listed inside the battery compartment or on the back of the remote.

HELPFUL TIP: If your remote control uses a 3 digit setup code, simply drop the first zero from any remote code you find on our site that is 4 digits.

Here are TV remote control codes for Aiwa TVs, Avera TVs, Dynex TVs, Element TVs, Emerson TVs, HiSense TVs, ILO TVs, Insignia TVs, JVC TVs, LG TVs, Magnavox TVs, Panasonic TVs, Philips TVs, RCA TVs, Samsung TVs, Sanyo TVs, Sceptre TVs, Seiki TVs, Sharp TVs, SONY TVs, TCL TVs, Toshiba TVs, Upstar TVs, Vizio TVs, Westinghouse TVs, XENON TVs, and Zenith TVs.

If you do not see the TV, DVD, Blu-Ray Player, Receiver, SAT BOX, Cable BOX, Roku, VCR, Media BOX, or Surround sound component on this page, look to the right sidebar as we will be adding new remote codes for ALL components.

We now have a full page of remote codes for video projectors for all brands of projectors, and an app that you can use on your phone to control a video projector.

You can try searching in the SEARCH BOX if you need to find a specific remote code. If you see that we do not list the component that you need a remote code for, please leave a comment and we will answer you question or create a new page for that particular TV or media component. Here are Vizio TV Universal Remote Setup Instructions.

Below is a general way to program your universal remote control…

Setup one component at a time and you’ll move quickly through your system.

Turn on the component you want to activate.

Point your universal remote toward the component and press the button Component button (TV for TV, DVD for DVD, etc.)
While holding the button down, type in the Device Code assigned to your brand then release both the Component button and the number key to save the code.
Press and hold the component button you choose until it blinks, then type in device code and press enter.
The light will blink to confirm that the code has been stored.

Point the remote control at the component you just programmed.

Press the power button. If it turns off then you know it is programmed properly.
Check to be sure everything works before you move to the next component.
Press the POWER ON button to turn the component back on.
Test the VOLUME and CHANNEL buttons (or PLAY and STOP buttons for DVD). Repeat Steps 1-4 to activate the rest of your components.

There have been many asking… How To Control The Volume Of A Soundbar With A Cable or Satellite Remote?

If you need a Device Code for your Universal Remote, leave a comment below and we will get you the code you need to program your component.

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  1. Hi,
    I have Samsung BN59-00599A remote and Samsung TV LN-T4671F. What is the remote control code to pair the remote with the TV? The remote is the original remote with that TV.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. I have:
    – Sylvania TV Model #6420FF (with converter box and coax antenna cable for local channels)
    – stand-alone Roku Model #2450X
    – GE Universal Remote #24922
    At the moment, Universal Remote allows only Roku connection/function (cat stepped/stood on Universal remote’s ch/EXIT and B and C and Play buttons all at once).
    I need:
    – Universal code that enables the TV to receive local channels AND keep connection to the Roku unit.
    *Thank you*

    1. I have a music streamer
      Pro-ject stream box ds. Do you know the program code for an interest int-422-3 remote control?

  3. Require a 5 digit remote code for Sylvania SLED5550-D-UHD television. To be used with a Shaw Direct IRC600 remote

    1. Luis Fernando Gutiérrez Sánchez

      Por favor necesito un código para poder hacer mi blu ray multiregion el modelo es BDS-1500 SONY

  4. Trying to program 55″ Vizio TV model no.E3D470VX serial no. LAQKJZEN2002803 to a blackweb 6 devise Universal Remote model BWB18AV004/PCL-X. Have tried all codes in user guide and did auto search nothing worked. HELP!

    1. Looking for the 4 digit code for the Vizio all in one PC, the Ca-27. The remote model is tsmg-ir01. Thanks a bunch for the help.

  5. Rhonda L VanRyswyk

    I need the Xfinity voice control remote code for a fluid 48-inch TV and also the regular remote control for Xfinity code for fluid 48-inch TV they have three codes that are listed for the voice control remote that do not work thank you

  6. I need a code for my remote. My remote is a viv-urc-713 I need it for a regular Sony DVD player model number DVP-SR210P

  7. I have a Toshiba dvd video recorder DR7 and a Toshiba CT-90164 remote would you have the code please and how to do it. Thanks

    1. Jacqueline Davidson

      I need the code for a HDMI dvd player my jumbo universal remote control ERO4305J
      Thank you

  8. I bought Logitec Harmony 650 remote used and programed already. I don’t have a computer to reprogram but can I put a code in manually to program a television for volume an channel change

  9. I have a Vizio 32 inch TV with a universal remote I am looking for a remote control code model number on the remote is onb13av004

  10. Hi,
    I lost Manual, Have a Dick Smith TV DSE 15010262, as U may know Dick Smith no longer exists.
    I have a remote that works on my DSE (TV, even though front screen shows Hesinse, don’t know why), The remote is a DSE (Dick Smith) model as far as I can tell G6434.
    Now the challenge! LOL. Everything works on Bedroom TV. Cant get Kitchen TV to change to HDMI as I have no remote but that in the bedroom. Trying to connect a HDMI box, but know no code for the Remote to lock it in.

    Can U E-Mail me and help PLS. I have tried everywhere with no luck.
    David Rose

    1. The remote control of my Exprex TV model WT323 was broken. I bought a generic GE remote but I need the remote code for my Eprex TV for setting. Can you help me to get the code? Thank you very much.

    2. Dick Smith Electronics does still exist. It was purchased by Kogan. You will find it via a quick online search.

  11. I have a one remote brand remote and I am trying to find a code for a GPX gaming monitor I am using with my Chromecast as a TV. Is there a code for that?

  12. Looking for remote pairing codes for a Rockville RDJT6700 Component AM/FM Tuner. I want to control it with My Dish Network remote along with my TV, CD player, and Blu-Ray player (all already paired).


  13. I need a code for my “Total Control” URC, to operate my Manta Freeview TV / DVD model number LED1904DVD, many thanks, Joe Glasby.

  14. Tabatha Sanders

    I’m trying to program an RCA universal remote control-4 digit-to an onn dvd player but can’t find the code. Can you help?

  15. Edwardsimmons

    I need a programming code for a URC-8820-cisco remote to program a 42Samsung LCD smart TV

  16. Peter Kauschinger

    Device is sony dvpsvr500h. Universal remote harmony 300 from logitech. Procedure and code for dvd player

  17. Remote # ak59-00149a for a Blu-ray player Samsung BD hm 59
    I had to buy a replacement remote but I need to program it to work with the player and I can’t find the programming codes to do it can you help?

  18. Need a code for an old Fluid DVD player. Model umber 1607000. Using a Bell FibreOp remote if that matters.

  19. Shirley pineda

    Hi what is the code for brico lcd monitor (the manufacturer of this tv stopped operating by 2012.- british continental limited

  20. I need the code to set up my universal remote. It’s for a DVD player – Samsung 1080P7.

  21. I have a universal remote control chungchop brand i try to use in promac led tv i know what is the codes of promac tv but dosn’t work.. will you help me

  22. Hello
    I have purchased the “big button home & co” universal remote from Kmart.
    I have managed to program my log and my Samsung tv using 4 digit codes.

    I am looking for a code for wdtv media player, 2558 does not seem to work.

    Also looking for a code for Telstra thub unit, we watch digital tv through this.

    Also cannot find code for nec DVD plater.

    Thank you so much

  23. I need the code to program a universal remote to operate RJ Tech RJ-4200 II DVD/VCD/CD+G Karaoke Player with USB/SD Reader. Thank you!!

  24. I need code for my new 40in element tv to program the remote to take one device to turn on and run it

  25. Hey I have a Hisense TV for which I can not find a code for.
    The device model number is: HL50K160PL
    Helppppp 🙂

  26. I need a code for my made in China universal remote that will activate my Toshiba HD DVD player to my element TV. Thank you

  27. I need a code for my LG tv model #60LD550-UB and my onn universal remote 7252 1735 model is ONB13AV004 THANK YOU

  28. Magnavox digital converter box code to use with an RCA generic universal remote. Thanks for your help.

  29. Bought a Philips universal remote to use for electro home tv. What are the codes to use with remote

  30. I I need the universal remote code for a GE Universal Remote model number 24922 – V4 or four a spectrum cable TV remote for my DVD receiver the maker is JVC model number XV-THG31 please help thank you

  31. Alin Valentin DRAGAN

    Please help me with the codes for SilverCrest Universal Remote to control an AKAI Led TV that used to have a remote model LT1909AB.
    I have already tried 0105 0002 0077 0254

  32. I need a device code for an rca rtu5540-c tv. None of the codes on the package or brochures work!!!

    1. did you happen to find a code as i am in the same boat looking for a code to program my tv rtu5540-C to my bell tv receiver 9400.

  33. I need help with my Bluetooth speaker PROSCAN Model # PSB350BT, I need program a universal remote.

  34. I have a RCA TV model number l40fhd41yx9 and serial number j443c308t.
    Will a universal remote work on this tv and what would be the code?

  35. Trying to get a Vizio universal remote code for Sony DVD home theatre dav-tz140.
    Don’t care about all functions, if I can at least get on/off and volume to work.

  36. Please help with remote control code for Sony Amplifier TA-F335R.
    Original remote code: RM-S311 or 169313111.

  37. I need a code for a Universal remote.
    Audiosonic (mode: JLR-6002) (Keycode: 41914465) to control a Soniq STB (model: T201-AU).

  38. I have a Huayu rm-36e+s and a Huayu rm-L815+3 universal tv remote.
    I need codes for a Ultronic led tv.

  39. I have PROSCAN LED TV MODEL # PLDED3273A-E And i bought it from my brother in law who has lost the remote for it. I have purchased 2 RCA universal remote controls for it, both of which I was unable to program for it. Please let me know if ya have any suggestions or tips for me PLZ! ?

  40. What is the code for a very basic universal remote at the bottom it says SDT and then has a check after that

  41. I have a Zenith remote control that I would like to program to my LG TV and need a code.

  42. Steven Craig Iwig

    I have a tcl roku tv model 32s301 and an rc122 twc remote, I need a remote code for the tv. Thanks

    1. I need the codes for the Roku TV 4K HDR S-Series S401/S403/S405 and my THE codes to my Universal Remote(Sharper Image Remote)

  43. I have a CHUNGHOP Universal Remote RM – L008 and want to control TECHNICS Audio Amp System SU X102. Would you please provide the remote control codes?

  44. I have a Sansai URC·L969 Universal remote control I have a Changhong TV but I don’t have any codes to set these 2 items so they can be connected.
    I have to watch the same channel all day cause I can’t get up all the time to change channels.

  45. I have a Fisher VCR model number fvh4907 and a RCA universal remote number rcrn04gr that has no code listing for fisher electronics.
    How can I operate my VCR with this remote?

  46. Catherine Ramsay

    I have a JVC Tv model #LT-40N570A.
    I don’t have original remote, this is the 5th one I’ve tried.

  47. I have a Seal Prestige 3.1 sound bar with no remote control.
    I have a Logitech Handset.
    Do you have a code for the Seal Prestige?

  48. I need a code for an rca convertor box and I’m trying to program a universal remote that’s a rca rcr6473dr.

  49. I have a TCL tv (no roku) and a jumbo universal remote control, no cable no cox nothing just the tv, do you know the code?

  50. What is the code for a KONKA TV?
    I usually have 057 for that but it doesn’t work properly.

  51. I need the codes for both the Sony DVP-FX970 DVD player and the Sony DVP-SR760H DVD player.

  52. I am looking for the remote codes for a Humax RM-F04 remote to control a Toshiba DVD player SD2010KB.

  53. Tomislav Hocenski

    I have a Hama universal ir 4 in 1 remote.
    I need code for Grundig TV 32-6830t.

  54. I have a Bose solo 5 soundbar and i need to know the remote code for a Panasonic TX-65CXW414.

  55. I need the code to progam the Roku tv into my remote. We have suddenlink cable. The tv is an insignia NS-43DR620NA18 43inch

  56. I need code for my RadioShack remote 08A07 to operate my Ölevia Syntax LCD LT32HV

  57. I have a ge universal remote that can control bluray,dvr,tv,cable,amp and aux. Im trying to program it to a LG tv. I do not have the code

  58. I need codes to enter into a Sony Universal remote to operate with my Polaroid TV. TIA.

  59. Jermaine Green

    My television is a SINGER brand and I cannot find any remote for it so if u can, please find a code for me

  60. I have a dish universal remote I need code for Emerson TV trying to connect the two together

  61. I have a Samsung remote for a model # ln-T4042h TV, and I want the codes to run my Sony dvd/VHS combo player

  62. I need codes for a Curtis DVD player for a GE universal remote RC-24950-C you can post it here

  63. Need codes and instructions for Diredtv remote RC66RX for Vizio SB4451-C0 5.1 Sound bar, Samsung UNC 46C 6300 TV

  64. what is the code for a NOVA LED TV ill be ussing a universal remote need the steo by step procedure

  65. attempting to program a Bose soundbar remote to control a Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player, Model BD-HM57C. The code given by Bose for Samsung DVD is 0060. It works in so far as getting the DVD to play is concerned but it does not control other functions such as Pause, etc.
    Thank you for any suggestions.

  66. Horace Montebello

    I have a universal 4 tv remote control and I need to code it to a Grundig Arcance TV.

  67. I have a hitachi tv and a directv rc66 remote control. What remote. From my android can i download to be able to use my android to control my tv?

  68. Tertyhetnsndex

    I have a universal Spectrum RCA remote I need to find the code to use it for the TV of mine pixel.
    Can you tell me how to use it?

  69. 5 digit code for stereo receiver Aiwa NSX-3200. Universal remote is RCRN04GZ.

  70. I need 3 digit code for my vextra universal control for a Samsung BD-F5900 Smart 3D Blu-ray Player

  71. Please send me a code for my Universal Remote. I have an Emerson television. I lost my code sheet.

  72. i need code for 32 inch Element using a va – 405 5 – in – 1 universal remote

    Thank you

  73. I am looking for the Code for….
    1) KOGAN 19″ LED TV (HD) & DVD Player Combo, Model Number: KALED19DVDVB
    2) DICK SMITH 18.5″ TV, Model Number: GE6870
    Thank you kindly

  74. I have a zenith remote and am trying to key in for a sigcus TV . I need the TV code for my antenna fed tv

  75. i need a universal remote code for an old magavox 15 inch HDTV Monitor model 15mf605t/17

  76. Sonda Robinson

    I have a LG TV and need the code to my remote, please help if can…. Thanks

  77. Hi there – I’m looking for a universal code for a Dick Smith Set top box DSE GH5930.

    I am also told it is a rebadged Teac HDB849, so maybe that code.

    Thanks in advance

  78. Virginia McGlynn

    Hi I have a Kogan brand television and can’t find the number and it doesn’t seem to be finding it in the automatic search. No number in the book for this brand.

  79. charter remote 1060bc3-0780-002r. trying to program samsung hw-k360/za soundbar. tech says no samsung soundbar will work ?

  80. I have a Toshiba tv /DVD combo TV and a RCA universal remote.. Wat arevthe codes so I can program them..thanks

  81. I have a Tahoe brand TV and I desperately need the universal remote codes for it, can someone plz help

  82. I have a Phillips RC1445302/00B universal remote control (originally supplied by Verizon) and a Grace Digital Bluetooth receiver/amplifier model GDI-BTAR513.

    I would like to control the Grace Bluetooth receiver/amplifier with the Phillips remote control. I already tried the manual method of finding a remote control code using the instructions from Phillips. In this procedure about 250 4-digit remote control codes are tested, and none of them worked.

    I contacted Grace Digital, and so far, they were no help, or simply too lazy to try and find a code. Does anybody else have an idea how to find a remote code for the Grace Digital
    GDI-BTAR513 ?

  83. I need a code for an AWA HD TV model MHDV2262-04, and have the All for One remote model UHC-7710

  84. Rolando San Pablo

    I have RENCO converter box and HUAYU HR-195F (3 digit codes)
    It is compatible?
    What code could i use?

  85. I have a Toshiba tv with a DVD combo. I can get the tv to work but DVD won’t. Need a code for the tv/DVD. Rca remote, DVD player is on the side of the tv.

  86. I am looking for the 4 digit code for a NeonIQ 26″ LCD TV for use with an Audiosonic remote.
    If you can’t find that one, any code for any other remote will do, just so I can operate it with a remote and not by the buttons on the side.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      davor pavlicic,
      Try using the remote code 11324 with your TV NEO LED-32665 FHD.

  87. I have an older Yamaha receiver with a rav234 remote that has suddenly quit. Would like to purchase a universal remote to replace the factory one.

  88. Don Stubblefield

    I have two Coship DTV Converter Boxes Model N9901T with no remote for either. I would like to find a remote to use for the two.

  89. Looking for the code for a Insignia sound bar model # NS-SB316 and a Spectrum/Brighthouse remote # UR5U-8780L-BH2 remote.

  90. I have a Bright star remote control. Trying to program it to my Panasonic DVD VHS. It doesn’t have any component listed on it. Will it work for my DVD player?

  91. I have a universal remote control but i need codes to work towards my LG dvd player.
    I tried everything but I guess i am doing everything wrong because it still does not work.

  92. New universal remote (Tevion) 8 in 1 for 19″ Medion TV MD20185 P13078.
    Tried all the codes in the code book supplied and none work even though it says success.
    Can anyone give me the correct code please?

  93. I need a code to program my Samsung blu-ray with my GE universal remote control.
    Also, my remote only has TV, DVR, CBL, DVD, SAT, AUX.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Remote codes for the Minami DVD player are: 063, 068, 061, 069, 083, 084, and 081.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      If you are using a DIRECTV REMOTE to control a PIXEL TV:
      -Slide button on the remote to TV.
      -Press and hold mute and select button until the green light on the remote blinks twice.
      -Press 991.
      -Then press 1.
      -Then press the TV power button once.
      -If the TV will not respond then press the channel UP button on the remote.
      -If that works press select to store the code and slide the switch back.
      -If it did not work then keep pressing channel up until it does work.

      If you are using a different universal remote control, try using the remote codes 10463 for PIXEL TV.

      If none of this works, please give us the model number of your Pixel TV and we will find the code that will work.
      Please give us the model number of your remote control also.


  94. Mikko Huotilainen

    I need the four digit code for Finlux 26FL760TC tv.
    I’ve tried dozens of codes I’ve found from websites, and some of them work partially, but for example EPG and MENU buttons don’t.
    I’d be very happy if you can tell me what code to use with this tv.
    My universal remote controller is a Silvecrest KH2158.

  95. I have a Access HD Converter Box, DTA1030 that I don’t have a remote for it was lost.
    I do have a Charter Universal remote.
    I’m having trouble trying to find a code to operate converter box.

  96. Need device setup remote code for 55″ Sharp aquos TV with universal remote by sharp EN2A27S.
    No buttons to select from to select tv/dvd/set box etc.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Can you give us the model number of your COMCAST remote and the model number of your RCA Converter Box?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      VIDAO TVs are made by HAIER… use universal remote code 10178.

      Also if needed by anyone else, here are remote codes for other remotes for a Vidao TV:
      Comcast or Direct TV Remote Control to Vidao TV: 100300
      AT&T (U-verse) Remote Control to Vidao TV: 1043
      RCA Universal Remote Control to Vidao TV: 0030
      Dish Network Remote Control to Vidao TV: 506


    1. Remote Control Codes

      Paul Adkins,
      The ROKU stick has no IR ability.
      No universal remote will be able to control the stick unless it uses the network like an Android remote.
      Roku code for original ROKU box = 53061

      Sigcus (Sigmac) TV Remote Codes = 10154, 10765, 10054, 10030, 11156, 10080, 10027.


  97. Im Looking for a code for a sony blu ray disc and dvd player,my universal remote im using is a philips universal.

  98. Remote: RCA RCRBB04GR
    Device: Pioneer DVD Player DV260
    Code required is 5 digits.
    Manual says codes 32442 30631 or 32854 but none work.

  99. I have a GE 34455 universal remote that i need a code for a Philips 40pfl4609/f7a. I can get TV to work but not control usb, I’ve tried tv, dvd, dvr and vcr codes to control the usb.

  100. I have a remote control HUAYU rm-651g+ for my Sharp aquos LC-32AD5 TV.
    I cannot operate all the menu on the remote to adjust the color of my TV.

  101. Looking for a (i think) 4 digit code for a Sony Dvd DVP-SR310P.
    I’ve looked in the battery section of the remote but no luck.

  102. need a code for my sound bar it is a BAUHN and my uni remote has no name on it so do not know what brand it is

  103. I have a Hitachi TV 3 digit code 179. I now have a Cisco HDA-RF2.2 4 digit control I can’t get the Cisco to control my TV. I do the auto program mode and it can’t find a code to control it.

    1. Thomas A Fowles

      I need a code for a Genesis GT-3.0 remote.
      Please include include programming methods if available.

  104. I’m trying to program my GE universal remote to my Durabrand home sound system. The model number on the GE remote control is one of these that I got from the battery area 7252 or 25002 or 1334.

  105. Emerson has like 15-20 codes listed how do I know which one to use?
    Every time I use the volume button it switches the input source on the tv.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Snow Darling,
      Try the Emerson TV codes from top to bottom.
      The remote codes at the top of the list are the ones most likely to work.

  106. I need the universal remote codes to the Insignia TV brand N-401240A13.
    I have been able to get some of the codes to work on my GE universal but none will operate my menu channel scan so my antenna can not do a channel scan to get any channels.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      What is the model number of the remote control you are using?
      Let us know and we can supply a remote code.

  107. I recently took over ownership of a pioneer tv and set top boxes from a family member who has recently passed away. He was using one of your universal remotes and I literally have no idea how to get it to change from mono to digital or even to hdmi.

  108. I have Philips home theater HTS 32518/F7.
    I am trying to connect it with SRU2103/27 Philips universal remote.
    With code 1514 everything is working except volume.
    How to set it to control home theater speakers?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Dale Adams,
      The only remote code listed in the database for a Toshiba vhs and dvd combo player is 902.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      lance justin,
      We currently do not have any remote codes for the AAXA M1 Limited micro projector.
      If anyone can assist, please let us know if you have any remote codes for the projector.

  109. I have a Vizio tv and am trying to program Sanyo blu ray player with Vizio remote. I cannot find the code, I think it is 5 digits.

  110. I have a Panasonic vcr/dvd recorder pv-d4732, i have a vcrplus vcr/dvd recorder remote s0611038 or s0602519, not sure how it works, have a general idea, any help would be appreciated, thanks

  111. I need the code for a magnavox 19″ model #19MF337B/27 so far I have tried so many codes with no luck. Trying to program a direct tv universal remote(RC64) to it.

  112. I have a Platinum (Target brand) Tv and an Audiosonic URC and am unable to find a code (4 digit), can you help? Cheers

  113. I have a rca universal remote with sound bar control I need the code for a toshiba sound bar model
    Sbx5065 please and thank you

  114. I am desperately seeking the universal remote code for my JVC XV-N370 DVD/SUPER VCD/VCD/CD PLAYER. I can’t seem to find it anywhere & the original remote control is fried.

  115. I need the code for a Mitsubishi electric tv to program with a lax-max remote thanku an advanced.

  116. I need the code for an older RCA TV model# f25209wt. The Remote control is a 2025b1-bb from consolidated communication inc (CCI).

  117. I purchased an RCA TV model RCR314WR and I am looking for the code for the new Roku Stick streaming player. There are a few codes listed for Roku, however none of them work and I wonder if it’s because the Roku Stick is too new?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Detra Phillips,
      Sansui TV Remote Codes are 0463, 215, or 115.
      If your universal remote only accepts three digit codes then simply drop the 0 on any 4 digit code.
      Also, try the Sansui TV Remote Codes page for ALL remote codes to try.

  118. Quien me puede ayudar con el codigo de una televion UpStar, por favor se lo voy agradecer.

  119. carolkikz de veraa

    I need 4 digit code for my UNION LCD TV UG LCD 3204 is the model of my TV. I have CYBERTEC RM 312x and HUAYU HR-159F (3 digit codes) universal remotes. Hope you can help me program my TV.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Carolkikz de veraa,
      Try these 3 digit Union TV remote codes = 055, 060, 065, 067, 013, 054, and 089.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Rebecca Bateman,
      Haier TV remote control codes = 0217, 0157, 0081, and 0216.
      Magnavox DVD remote control codes = 162, 0915, 0914, 0969, 0408, 0979, 0981, 0980, and 0456.

  120. I have an Audiosonic universal remote for up to 6 devices, due to misplacing my remotes in a move. I can code in the Sony Bravia TV but not my Sony Hard Disk Recorder SVR-HD900. I have tried the codes given and also manual search and auto search with no luck. Any help would be great, many thanks in anticipation.

  121. I need a 3 digit code for a Sony DVP-SR760H model DVD player. I’m trying to configure my Samsung TV remote to control the above DVD player.

  122. Need codes for a Daewoo television. I don’t know name of the remote but I have the model number.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Cybertec 4 digit remote codes are: 1119, 1147, 1190, 1309, 1381, 1391, 1138, 1171, 1181, 1535, 1562, 1564, 1733, 1743, 1752, 1786, 1812, 1892, and 1913.

  123. Estoy buscando el código para seiki DVD en la lista del manual de un rca universal remote ,help please, gracias.

  124. Hi I need the code to set up my DESAY DVD player with my RCA universal remote please.

  125. I need codes for my Bush Freesat 500+ box. I have tried dozens of codes and none of them work.
    I just bought a Bush 4 in 1 remote control.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Iain Ward,
      The IR remote code for the Bush Freesat for your model sat box should be 3439.
      If this does not work, you may want to get a Harmony Remote as this type of remote has much greater functionality than the basic universal remotes that you program based on a book of outdated manufacturer codes.

  126. I have a Sanyo TV with DVD built inside TV. I have a RCA remote uses only 3 codes it will program TV but not DVD.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Cheri Jones,
      You may need to use the TV button on the RCA remote to program the TV with the codes 1095, 1380, 1045 and 1062.
      Use the DVD button on the RCA remote and program it with the codes 2050 or 2393 for your Sanyo DVD.

  127. I need codes for an LG dvd player. The universal remote being programmed to run it is a dish remote.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Tracey Aldrich,
      There’s no onboard IR receiver on the Amazon Fire Stick. You can use a USB dongle.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Michael dela cruz,
      For Medion Sound Bar, try the remote codes = 0660, 0883, 1517, and 31517.

  128. I have a Durabrand box tv, and a Sanyo DVD player with a GE UNIVERSAL. Please help me with these codes.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Durabrand box tv remote codes – 0178, 0180, 0003, 0171, 0463, and 1034.
      Sanyo DVD player remote codes = 0790, 1919, 0873, 0670, and 0695.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Skyworth TV codes = 0696, 0698, 0727, 0748, 0753, 0817, 0037, 0556, 0009, and 0264.

    2. Hello, i have a hold Digitron dvd player and the remote is broken so i bought a universal remote only it requires an 5 digits code and the one I found on internet are either 3 or 4 digits.

      Can you help??

  129. Aregbesola Joseph

    I need a code on a One for All UEI designed remote control to power my Philips DFR 1600 DVD/CD player Digital AV Surround Receiver or other codes for same system with different remotes I may come across.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Aregbesola Joseph,
      Use these codes with the ONE FOR ALL remote for your Philips DVD/CD Player = 1914, 1911, 0675, 0539, 0646, 0885, and 0503.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try Samsung Sony Panasonic Philips & Toshiba codes for Dick Smith TVs.

  130. jayson encinares

    Currently, i have a Cybertec RM-79LE Genius universal remote control. I’m trying to get a code here. I tried the codes provided here but its not working with the remote. I’m using the remote with my sony HDMI CD/DVD Player DVP-SR700H. Can you guys help me?

  131. Do you guys have a code for a Kirsch k10 5.2CH surround receiver amplifier for a RCA universal remote?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Kirsch k10 5.2CH surround receiver remote codes are 4435 and 4450.

  132. I am trying to set up my TV by entering the channel using a universal remote control. The model is Finlux 32FLD882H. Please assist if possible. How do i go about it?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Ruth Tinka,
      Check this page for remote codes for Finlux TVs.
      Make sure you choose the correct remote you are using or try the different remote codes on the page.
      The programming instructions should be on the page if needed.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      RCA HDTV/DVD COMBO remote codes…

      RCA TV = Controlled by TV:
      1948, 1958, 2002, 2187

      RCA DVD = Controlled by DVD:
      1022, 1193


  133. Genesis remote used on Comcast cable box…. Genesis remote will work TV volume but not cable box.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Robert Simon,
      Simply press the CAB (cable) button to control the Comcast cable box, and press TV button to control TV.
      If this does not work, the Genesis remote control needs to be reprogrammed.

  134. I was given a TV with the name ESA on the front. No clue where to look for a remote code.

  135. I need the code to a universal remote that operates a Symphonic television and a black skinny DVD player.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      For your Symphonic TV, use the remote codes = 198, 003, 053, 155, 189.
      For your “black skinny DVD player” we need the make and model of it so we can provide you with the proper remote codes.

  136. I have a Technika 19 inch TV with the DVD player built in to the side, I really need the 4 digit code to set the remote control up.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try these remote codes for your Technika TV with DVD Combo: 0207, 0065, 0335, 1177, 1065, 2011, 1130.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Race Everett,

      What model number remote control are you using to program your VIP222 DISH BOX?

      How to program remote to DISH receiver:
      – Go to System Info screen.
      – Hold down the “SAT” button until all lights light up.
      – Enter a number between 1 and 15 using the numeric keypad on the remote.
      – Press the pound (#) button.
      – Once the SAT button blinks three times, press record.


    2. In need of a code for a Genesis Technologies GT 3.0 DVD/Multimedia System installed in select RVS.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      For Mecer TVs, try remote codes: 00320, 00349, 00350, 00337, 00343.
      If these do not work, let us know your Mecer TV model number.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Robert Emmons,
      Is your Xfinity box made by Motorola?
      If so, try Motorola cable box codes = 01376, 00476, 00810, 00276, 01187, 01254
      If no let us know that manufacturer of your Xfinity box and we can further assist.

  137. How can I program my cox URC7820 universal remote to control my apex dt502 digital converter box? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Apex dt502 digital converter box codes that are confirmed to work are: 749 or 0749 or 00749 depending on if your remote uses a 3,4, or 5 digit code.

  138. I need the DVD remote code for Harman Kardon DVD player my I am using chunghop RM-230E universal DVD remote.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      The only code we have in our database is for HARMAN KARDON DVD is : 2125
      Give it a try and if the code does not work please let us know the model number on your HK DVD player.

  139. Require specific code for 2013 Phoenix 22″ LED TV

    2208, 0051, 0169, 0000 do not work

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Mike Skovron,
      Try these remote codes for your Phoenix TV = 0072, 0216, 0320, 0385, 0037, 0556, 0370, 0486, 0163, 0087

  140. I have a Sanyo Blu Ray DVD player. What is the code for it on a RCA universal remote rcr314wr?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Ryna giboney,
      Sanyo Blu Ray Player Remote Codes = 0742, 0667, 0705, 0718 0735

  141. I need instructions and codes for a universal remote, looks like 6 in 1, all I can get is UM4 LRO3 off the battery compartment. Please help!!!

    1. Remote Control Codes

      UM4 LRO3 is a battery type. Same as a AAA or an MN2400 battery. Those numbers just tell us the battery type.
      Can you look on the back of the remote or possibly the front top portion for the model number? Look under and in the battery section of the remote and the model # of the remote should be visible.
      Let us know what the model number is and we can give you the instructions and the codes to program the remote.

  142. I am trying to program a “GE universal remote” to control a “Sony DAV-TZ140”.
    Do you know the correct code? I have tried all listed on several guides.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Your Sony DVD Home Theater System MAY be able to be controlled by a universal remote. We need to know the model number of your GE universal to give you the correct remote codes. Please let us know the exact model number of your GE remote and we can provide reliable remote codes along with instructions on how to program. NOTE: You may need a special remote to truly program every single function for your Sony DAV-TZ140, therefore you may be better off buying a SONY replacement remote.

      Here is the replacement remote for a Sony DAV-TZ140 from eBay.

      If you choose to use another universal remote, you will need to program it to make ALL functions work…
      Sony HTIB systems use the Sony protocol (both 15 and 20 bits). The 15 bit commands including volume and power use device number 80 or 208 and can be sent by many different setup codes.
      Most of the functions that control DVD menus such as the arrow keys are 20 bit using device 16, sub device 16.
      Many of the other buttons will need to have EFCs assigned to them.
      The EFCs need to be programmed.

      Here is the SONY EFC command code list for each function if you find a way to use them properly with a high quality programmable remote control:
      TV Power 34629
      Theater Sync 43333
      Display 53199
      Function 44750
      0 50894
      1 19150
      2 18126
      3 18638
      4 17614
      5 19406
      6 18382
      7 18894
      8 17870
      9 51918
      TV Input 10053
      Angle 33998
      Audio 35022
      Clear 50638
      Disc Skip 59854
      Down 63182
      Fast Fwd/Tuning Up 27598
      Left 63694
      Preset + 26318
      Open/Close 60366
      Pause 16078
      Play 16590
      Preset – 27342
      Return 63438
      Rewind/Tune Down 25806
      DVD Display 02766
      DVD Menu/Album + 02254
      DVD Top Menu 01742
      Enter 52174
      Right 62670
      Search Forward 09422
      Search Reverse 10446
      Select, Enter 64462
      Shuffle 43214
      Stop 17102
      Subtitle Tuning 34510
      Up 64206
      DVD Angle 14236
      DVD Audio 15260
      DVD Clear 50588
      DVD Disc Skip 58780
      DVD Display 39836
      DVD Menu 02204
      DVD Open/Close 35228
      DVD Pause 59036
      DVD Play 16590
      DVD Play Mode 42140
      DVD Repeat 43932
      DVD Return 51612
      DVD Setup 38044
      DVD Stop 60060
      DVD Subtitle 13468
      DVD Time 43676
      DVD Title 02204
      DVD 61391
      Mute 33743
      Power 32719
      Power Off(discrete) 40399
      Power On (discrete) 41423
      Sleep 13007
      Tuner 07887
      Volume Down 31951
      Volume Up 32975
      Function 44750
      Dynamic bass 53198
      Movie/Music 52430
      Video Format 16846
      Picture Navi 03022
      Tools 28110
      Advance 10958
      Replay 09934
      Sound Field+ 45518
      Sound Field+ 44494
      Pause 16078
      Play 24782
      Sound Field – 44494
      Stop 17102
      Tune – 41934
      Tune + 40142
      Tuner Men 41422
      Tuner 48591
      Satellite Video2 00463
      Video 1 08399


    1. Remote Control Codes

      Paulus Mpengo Munango,
      The remote codes for the JVC Home Theater TH-PHN200 are = 4002, 4013, 4014, 4028

    2. Remote Control Codes

      Paulus Mpengo Munango,
      Try the remote codes 0026, 0197, 0069, 0242, 0923, 0012, 0065, 0067, 0141, 0060 for your JVC TH-PHN200.

  143. Latishia hudson

    I have what is called a ETC flatscreen tv. Its a small tv and i cant seem to find the universal remote code for it. CAN YOU HELP ME?? ???

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Latishia hudson,
      What type of remote control are you using to try and control your ETC TV?
      Do you have a model number of the TV so we can find the exact code?

  144. Can you program a charter remote to a insignia converter box if so do you have the 5 digit code?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Laurie Duncan,
      Try the Symphonic TV Remote Codes = 198, 003, 053, 155, 189

  145. I have satellite from dish network without a top box in my room. How do I get the GE universal remote to work the satellite?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Zach Himes,
      Please let us know the model number of the GE remote you are using.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      EMERSON DVD VCR COMBO Remote Codes Are = 230, 456, 458, 227

  146. I need the code for the universal control Access 4 “ONE FOR ALL”

  147. I have a GE universal remote and a Energy Star converter box. I am putting the box on a Philips TV. I can’t figure out how to get the remote to work for the box! Any assistance would be appreciated.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try using the AUTO CODE FINDER on your universal remote first…
      If that does not work, try these codes for Telus Cable Box = 050, 069, 075, 080

  148. Need a code for Toshiba HD-DVD player. I have a GE universal remote and it lists 2385 and some others but they don’t work. Any ideas?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      For the Toshiba HD-DVD player, try the remote codes = 1045, 1154, 1510

  149. Hi I have a Sony TV (Model number KDL32V4000) and my remote is a Crest brand remote. What codes(s) do I need? Thanks.

  150. Jamey-Lee Bridges

    I need universal remote code for a Teac Home Theater and for an Audiosonic set top box with HD.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Jamey-Lee Bridges,
      Teac Receiver Remote Codes = 1074 or 1390
      Audiosonic Set Top Box Remote Code = 0103

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Gowtham D,
      Noblex Led TV remote control codes = 094, 012, 010, 100, 022, 025.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Sandy Van Horn,
      Use code 405 or 245 as remote codes for your Insignia DVD/VCR player.

  151. I have a 27 inch Symphonic TV. I have a universal remote but I cannot find the code for it. If you could please help me I appreciate it very much!

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Steven Richardson,
      Philips DVD Player Remote Codes = 0503, 1914, 1911, 0675, 0539, 0646, 0885.

  152. I have an on-q universal remote and I’m trying to program it to operate my TiVo cable box from sudden link.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Betty Carr,
      Proscan DVD Player Remote Code = 0522
      If that does not work, what is the model number of your 5 in 1 universal remote control?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      We need the actual manufacturer of the cable box. Suddenlink is just a provider that gets them branded with their name. They are likely made by Cisco, Scientific Atlanta, Pace, or Motorola.
      Can you tell us the actual brand?

  153. I need a code for an Android universal remote to control an Apex converter box.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      John Thompson,
      There are multiple Apex Converter boxes, can you give us the model number to be sure?
      Is it the Apex DT250? If so here is the Apex Box manual in PDF form.
      If possible, can we have the model number of your Android remote control also?

  154. I have a Cox cable universal remote and I’m trying to program a Sony DVD player in it for a Samsung 48 inch Smart TV.
    Please note that I have had one DVD player program into this certain remote, can you please help me with a code for the current DVD player thank you in advance.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Lenny Welch,
      Please check this page and tell us which COX cable universal remote you have.
      Then let us know what model number you have and we can guide you through the setup process.
      You want to use your COX remote to control your SONY DVD player… YES?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Are you referring to a Philips PIXEL TV?
      If so try the remote codes 0711 or 1234.
      If that does not work or you are referring to a different TV, let us know.
      Also, what type of remote control are you using?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Paul Riethmuller,
      We have no codes in our database… However…
      On the Panasonic HDD remote, press and hold OK and 2 for 5 seconds.
      This will switch your remote to a separate set of codes which now match your PANA HDD recorder.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try these Sanyo Sound Bar Remote Codes: 20047, 10154, 10159, 10051, 10250, 20035, 30189

      Others to try…
      30531, 20081, 21593, 20593, 20000, 20039, 20149, 21781

  155. I need a code to program my RCA sound bar RTS735E into my GE universal remote model #12404. Thank you.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      To program your RCA sound bar, try using the remote code = 31254

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try these JVC DVD REMOTE CODES:


  156. I need a 3-digit remote code for Xenon. I’ve tried the numbers here but it not working.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      The Amazon Fire Stick uses bluetooth, so there are no remote codes.
      The only options are using an app on your phone to control the Fire Stick from Google or Apple or get a new remote from Amazon if you lost the FSTV remote.
      Here is a video that may assist you to use a normal remote to control your Fire TV.

  157. Would like to know if this universal remote model #ONB13AV004 can work an Emerson EWC1902? What would the code be?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Supermax Receiver Remote Codes = 9876, 8888, 3606, 2046, 3327, 3328, 3329, 6000, 1407.
      Hope these help.

  158. I need a 3 digit code for my universal remote for a Fluid DVD player, model number is 1607000 (DVDHDMI01).

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Abram Peters,
      We only have 4 digit codes in the database for Fluid DVD…
      Fluid DVD Player 4 digit remote codes: 2964 and 1423.
      Remove the first digit off of the 4 digit codes and you may have a working 3 digit code.

  159. I need a code for my Universal remote for Craig DTV converter box can any one help me?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Eugene Carte,
      0759 MAY work…. But…

      The Craig Digital Converter box is reported to not be able to be programed and used by a normal Universal Remote. If you try, during the process of searching for a code the Craig Digital Converter box will respond but when the code is locked in, the buttons on the remote do no correspond with the converter and it does not work properly.

      Some people have told us they have simply just bought a complete new CRAIG DTV converter box WITH the remote. You may be able to find a remote for your Crain DTV here

      1: Get the universal remote that supports the Craig Brand of digital converter box.
      Forget this step if you already own one.
      2: Next, find the manual that came with it. Inside will be the Craig codes for the device. Find the Craig brand and use the listed remote code to program the remote according to the instructions and it may work.


  160. I have a Hitachi remote UR77EC4303-2 and I want to program it to a Toshiba DVD/VCR player.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      3 Digit Toshiba DVD/VCR Combo Remote Codes = 087, 081, 088, 082, 089, 083, 090, 084, 091, 085, 092
      4 Digit Toshiba DVD/VCR Combo Remote Codes = 2080, 2084, 2168, 2235, 3102, 3103, 3180, 3185, 2312, 2358, 3219, 3227, 3241

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Matrix Collins,
      Medion TV 4 Digit Remote Codes: 0037, 0668, 0519, 0512, 0556, 1137, 0698, 0808, 1908, 1037, 1437, or 1900.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try these common SAT RECEIVER Remote Codes: 1377, 0392, 0566, 0639, 1639, 1142, 0247, 0749, 1749, 0724, 1856, 1076, 1108, 1109, or 1414

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Do you mean KTV? Or KTC TV?
      KTV TV Remote Codes are: 0280, 0217, 0180, 0185, or 0030.

  161. I need a code for a universal TV remote it’s an Alba TV.
    Serial number is AELKEVD2288.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Claire Taylor,
      Alba TV universal remote codes: 1065, 1696, 0040, 1932, 1936, 1963, 0705, 0742, 0037, 0065, 0246, 0399, 0263, 0064, 0446, 0609, 0275, 0077, 0515, 0244, 0398, 0239, 0459, 0191, 0383, 0607, 0584, 0471, 0502.

  162. I’m travelling and have lost the remote for Dynalink A2809 HD Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box – am hoping to get universal remote but need the code?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Emma Buckley,
      Try Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, & Toshiba remote codes for Dick Smith TVs.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      We will need a model number of your Digital ZX TV to find the correct remote codes.

  163. I need the code(s) to program my Philips DVD Home Theater System (HTS3372D) to my Sanyo Univeral Remote (GXDB). Thank you!!

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Philips Remote Codes for DVD Home theater systems are: 2304, 4006, 4027, 4039

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try using the code 9913 for the RCA soundbar.
      What model number is the GE universal remote?

  164. I need a code for Verizon Fios universal remote control. It interfaces with their digital stb and DVR combo unit. Thanks

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Chekera Fisher,
      Hyundai TV Remote Codes = 0037, 0803, 0865, 0556, 0706, 0753
      Sony DVD Remote Codes = 1070, 1903, 1934, 1133, 1033, 0533, 1533, 1981

  165. Danny Canchola

    I have a RCA digital tv box. Without this, you can’t watch regular over the air tv. The remote that it came with, has long gone worn out. I’ve been trying to use a GE universal remote to operate the box, but nothing happens. Even pressing the code search button and pressing the power button on and off 200 times, nothing happens. Is there a default code for these things? I’ve tried 888,000 already. I also have a Zenith remote, and that too does nothing. Also, on the remote, are these boxes considered cable or vcr selection? Thanks.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Danny Canchola,
      Try the code 0392 for the RCA digital TV box using the GE remote.
      If that does not work let us know and we can dig deeper or offer a solution using a different universal remote control.

  166. I have a Panasonic remote control n2qayb000100 I need the code for an apex dt502 digital converter

  167. I am looking for the universal remote control code for a Apacer AL670 media player
    Serial number 741015202091

  168. How do I program zenith universal remote to my Sony Blue Ray player I have tried all the codes or I might be doing it wrong

  169. I have a Crest universal 8-in-1 remote and I want to program to control LG blue ray Hd (dmrbwt750)

  170. Have an old Hitachi VCR (DA4) and a Radio Shack 3 in 1 Pocket Remote (15-1990). Need the 4 digit code … the ones in the remote manual don’t seem to work.

  171. My universal remote for my Skyworth television is not working. When I press anything only the set menu blinks a red light.

  172. I have Ipmacro HD-5301b based IPTV player, (S/N AK1077535296).. I have Bose universal remote, could you help me identify universal remote code for ipmacro’s HD 5301b?

  173. Just purchased a GE remote that says it will control the Amazon Fire Stick, but doesnt have a code for it in the book.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      EXCELVAN Video Projector Remote Codes


  174. Cant program JVC remote RM-STHM303J to my T.V. Trutech “Daewoo” or my Aiwa home stereo CX-NAJ50.

  175. I need a device code for RCA DTA880 digital converter box. I have a RCA RCRN04GR universal remote that I want to use to channels, etc…

  176. I need the code fr my citizen DVD player that will work with my RCA universal remote or I also have some nexxtech universal remotes

  177. I have a ge universal remote for up to 4 devices (it uses 4 digit codes) and I need the code for a evolution digital adapter please

  178. I have a Polaroid FDM-1015 (under cabinet mount TV/DVD/AM/FM) that uses the remote control RC-518 and I’d like to program a Tivo remote control to work with the FDM-1015 but can’t find the information on the code to use. Thoughts?

  179. I have a zenith. Conver box and a g universal remote that takes 4 numbers but i just need the code number how can i do it

    1. I have a zenith. Conver box and a g universal remote that takes 4 numbers but i just need the code

  180. Stormy Mahurin

    I need to find the code to match my universal Magnavox remote (4 digit code) with my Sony DVD Home Theater System (surround sound) model number DAV-TZ130. Please help!

  181. My TV works with my new universal remote but NO WHERE does it say which button to push after SETUP to enter the Roku codes??? Is it DVD, is it CBL or is it aux? The input goes properly to HDMI 1 (which my Roku stick is placed). Someone help please??