Sylvania DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Looking for Sylvania DVD remote codes? If you have a Sylvania DVD player and want to control it with a universal remote control, we have the codes needed. A Sylvania DVD player can be controlled with any universal remote if you have the correct programming guide and the correct remote codes. If the codes below do not work with your Sylvania DVD player, please leave a comment below with the model number of your remote control and DVD player and we will find you the correct remote code.

Sylvania DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Program your universal remote control to a Sylvania DVD player. Use the following remote codes.

Sylvania DVD Player 4 Digit Remote Control Codes:

Need more help programming your remote to your Sylvania DVD player? Please leave your question below and we will assist.

33 thoughts on “Sylvania DVD Player Remote Control Codes”

  1. same here! I accidentally threw away the remote that came with the DVD player. So I bought a GE Universal remote. I have tried every code on the internet and with the instruction manual. Nothing.

  2. i have a rcrn0rgr rca universal remote revision 20301 which i am trying to pair with a sylvania sdvd1041-dg1which was manufactured in mar 2021. rca says the code is 30675. that doesnt work. I have tried the auto method where pressing play provides 10 codes at a time. I do get a response on one of the codes which opens the tray but will do nothing else

  3. new just out of the box Sylvania SDVD1048-B-2 remote is dead.Tried various things, no luck. Have another SDVD1048-B-2 that does work, so I took new remote over to it and it works with the older SDVD1048-B-2.The older remote (that does work) tried with new SDVD1048-B-2 and it doesn’t work. Soo, leads me to believe some of these SDVD1048-B-2 players are not set up for remotes to work from the factory.(its not the remotes. you can try codes till the end of time and they won’t work)

  4. I have the sylvania sdvd1041-dg1 dvd player and I have gone through hundreds of codes, and none of the codes that came with the GE universal remote listed for the sylvania do not work

  5. I have a Motorola (star choice) URC550 remote and a Sylvania SDVD1650 player but can’t find the code for it. Can you help?

  6. Hi! I have tried all the codes that came with the remote manual and the codes listed on here, none of them have worked. DVD/blue ray player model SDVD5005 S/N A1307097300000444
    Universal remote Philips SRP2013V/27 CL5 7252
    Thanks for the help!

  7. I have a Sylvania 1041 dg1. And I have a ge6 universal remote. I’ve tried all the cods6 on that list. And I still can’t get it program. What do I do now.

  8. Brian Wilkerson

    I have a sylvania dvd player model number sdvd 1041-dg1 that I cant find codes for. My universal remote came with codes as well and none work. Please help !!!

  9. I’m using the Dish remote and I have tried ALL of those codes and not a single one work. I have the Sylvania SDVD1041C dvd player. I have tried all sorts of codes that I have found online and still no luck. Can you please help me on this?

  10. I have the same issue with the RCA312WR remote needing the 5 digit code for Sylvania SDVD6670 DVD Player.

  11. Not sure what the problem is…dvd player make is Sylvania the model sdvd1041-dg1..the universal remote i need to program is made by G.E.6 device.well thanks for your time.appreciate it

  12. Need help plz onn universal remote MODEL # (ONB13AVOO4) SYLVANIA DVD PLAYER MODEL # (SDVD1041-DG1) Have tried all known codes!

  13. I have a Sylvania VCR/DVD combo , model DV225SL8…trying to use a All for One remote URC-7200B00 remote… need code…thanks

  14. I have a SHAW Champion remote and a Sylvania SDVD1650 – It feels like I’ve tried everything under the sun – Are you able to assist- Thank you.

  15. William A Linville

    Need help with programming remote,
    Sylvania DVD, MOD, SRD4900
    GE U REMOT MOD, 24922 CL4 1822,

  16. Need 5 digit code for Sylvania SDVD6670 DVD Player to use with RCA RCR413BHZ Universal Remote. The universal remote does not accept the 4 digit codes only uses 5 digit codes. The DVD Player remote is very tiny with small buttons, so I need remote that has bigger buttons.

  17. My remote is a toshiba Ct-90159 and my DVD player is sylvania sdvd1041-dg1 can you help me program the remote please

  18. I have the Sylvania NB500SL9 Blu-ray player, and I need to control it with an Onkyo RC-590M universal remote.
    I suspect this player is actually manufactured by someone else, but don’t know who.

  19. Looking for code to program JVC tv model av-32220’s remote rm-c306 to operate a sylvania dvd player model dp170sl8. and not having any luck.
    All of the codes and the search function that came with the tv are 3 digits and nothing works.

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