How To Program A Philips Universal Remote

Here is how to Program any Philips Universal Remote Control. Follow the step by step to get the remote to work with any audio or video component.

Philips Universal Remote - How To ProgramPhilips Universal Remote – How To Program

How to program Philips remote:

  1. Turn on the device you wish to program to operate with the Philips Universal Remote Control.
  2. Hold down the “Code Search” button on the remote control.
  3. Release the button after the red indicator light blinks.
  4. Press the device button, such as “TV” “CLB” “VCR” or “SAT” This will make the indicator light blink off and then back on.
  5. Keep pressing the “CHAN +” button until the device changes channels.
  6. When the TV changes channels again, stop.
  7. Press the “Mute” button to save the code in memory.

Philips remote code search:

  1. Turn device ON that you are programming the remote for. TV/AUDIO/ETC
  2. Tap the Function button. TV/AUDIO/AUX
  3. Tap the Setup button until the light blinks twice.
  4. Enter the code 991.
  5. Press POWER and Function button until component turns off.
  6. Once component turns off press Setup to lock the code.

Need help with your Philips remote? Please leave a comment below and we will assist.

91 thoughts on “How To Program A Philips Universal Remote”

  1. How can I program 2 separate receivers on the remote. I have 1 receiver for the tv surround sound and the other receiver for ambient music speaker surround around the house. It will not program the other receiver by AUX

  2. I have tried a bazillion codes for the Vizio VO320E that have not worked using a new Philips universal remote control. (SRP2014H/27)
    I have tried with tv on and tv off. Nothing has worked. Please help!

  3. hi going crazy trying to find the 5 digit code to pair philips SRP3013 universal remote control to Kogan TV. Thanks for any assistance

  4. i have a phillips clo34 universal remote and i need code for a zinwell zat970a converter box please

  5. I have a older magnavox tv and I have a phillips home cinema control multibrand universal remote go do i get to work on my tv

  6. hillary baraka

    I have Toshiba TV Model 32AV615DB, Can I get Philips universal code for it because I’m using the philips universal remote.

  7. I have a Phillips universal remote CL035A. I need codes for both a Magnavox DVD VCR combo and a Phillips bluray player. Thanks in advance

  8. I’ve bought a Philips SRP3013/10 universal remote that uses 5 digit device codes. I’m looking for a code for a NextWave THD-6290. Less important is an old NEC VCR.

    1. The remote doesn’t seem to recognize that code, the remote light flashes and then stays on to receive another code. Any other ideas or tips on where I can keep looking?

  9. Hi i have an older version of the phillips remote, i cant find a code search button on the remote and im trying to connect it to “the little black box V2” streaming box.

  10. I have a Sony 5 disc changer home theatre system and need the remote code to program my Philips remote. thanks in advance

  11. I need a code for an RCA Home theatre. I have a Philips universal remote control . Please help me access for RCA Home theatre

  12. I have a Philips universal remote: RC26550088/01B and need codes for a Akai TV. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  13. I need a code for a trutech tv please. I have philips universal remote, black and silver with blue and white buttons

    1. Remote Control Codes

      The main COBY TV remote code is 005. Let us know if that works, if not we can supply more COBY TV codes.

  14. I have a big screen Philips Magnavox TV. What are the codes that I need? I have a Philips Universal remote control. Model CL035A.

  15. I have a Phillips Magnavox Universal Remote and need to program it to my Bell Satellite receiver. It has PVR and is an HD receiver. Please help!

  16. I have a Magnavox DVD VCR combo and my old remote had a source button. That allowed me to switch between the two. I’ve successfully programmed the remote to the device but am unable to switch between the two. I’ve tried to program the VCR to the remote separately but its not working. Is there some kind of source button I’m missing or do I need to do something differently?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      If you are using a Philips remote control, what is the model number of the remote?

    1. Remote Control Codes

      SONY DVD Changer Players Remote Codes: 31633, 31033, 31069, 31070, 30864, 22181, 22182, 22183

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Roberto Ornelas,
      Try using these codes for your Samsung DVD…
      Samsung 20490, 20573, 20199, 20820, 20899, 21044, 21075, 21470

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Hitachi TV REMOTE CODES 1004, 1009, 1010, 1013, 1053, 1057, 1058, 1065, 1078, 1083, 1113

    1. Remote Control Codes

      For a Dynex DVD player, the codes 0135, 135, 10463, and 10463 should work.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      The remote codes to operate your Sharp Aquos TV with a programmable universal remote control:
      002, 013, 014, 111, 502, 509, 712, 812, 813, 913, 918, 0039, 0093, 0165 and 0386.
      The codes to operate televisions using a Sharp brand universal remote control use 2 digits long and run from 01 thru 18.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Cortney Bunt,
      ILO TV Remote Codes:
      0171, 0179, 0180, 0463, 1000, 1004, 1030, 1035, 1054, 1090, 1133, 1168

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Rose Simmons,
      Emerson TV 4 Digit Remote Codes:
      0181, 0198, 0205, 0207, 0263, 0490, 0650, 3005

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