How To Program An RCA Universal Remote

Here is how to Program any RCA Universal Remote Control.

RCA Universal Remote - How To Program

Find codes for each device and brand using our website. Search codes from the right sidebar.

  1. Press and “HOLD” CODE SEARCH.
  2. Press and release the TV or VCR button you want to set up. When the selected device button blinks go to the next step.
  3. Next enter the 3 digit code from the TV, VCR or Cable Box remote code list.
  4. Release CODE SEARCH.
  5. With the device on press VOLUME UP to see if the tv responds.
  6. If the tv or other does not respond then simply repeat steps 1-5 using another code number from the lists on our website.

How To Program An RCA Remote Control

14 thoughts on “How To Program An RCA Universal Remote”

  1. I need help with my dvd Dp132 xvid home LG and i have a RCA universal remote need help programming them and a sony tv.

  2. Richard C Foy

    I have the RCAH02BR Universal Remote: the instructions that came with the device says to enter a 4 digit code, but the above instructions say a 3 digit code. The code list included with the remote doesn’t go past S, so Toshiba codes don’t show on my list. These code list show a 3 digit code and a 4 digit code, but the 4 digit codes are all preceded with a zero. I can’t tell which codes I should use. This has been very frustrating to me. I would take it back but the encasement is not suitable for returning it.

  3. Brittany hunter

    I am trying to program my Emerson VCR to my RCA universal remote… but can’t find a code that works.

  4. I am trying to program my Toshiba DVD player with my RCA universal remote. I’m not really sure what to do. The remote does not have a code search button.

  5. Remote Control Codes

    Tashara Bouie,

    1 – Click the setup button that is to the top left of the Sanyo remote control.
    2 – The light at the top will begin flashing.
    3 – On the top right is the TV or DVD button.
    4 – Hold the TV or DVD button down and put in the code that you found.
    5 – Now, make sure the codes and programming worked.
    6 – Change channels on the TV.
    7 – Try to turn the DVD player on.
    8 – If all of this is working with the Sanyo remote it is configured correctly.


  6. tashara bouie

    Trying to program my Sanyo DVD player with my Sanyo TV and I’m clueless to what to do.

  7. Remote Control Codes

    Ruth Miller,
    Unplug or turn OFF all components.
    Turn one component ON at a time.
    Once all components are ON and are working, then try your remote again.
    If you still have issues, try changing the batteries.
    Turning OFF DirecTV and back ON should not erase all the codes.

  8. I somehow turned off the SatelliteTV (DirecTV) and the DVR, and I don’t know how to turn them back on to sync with the RCA remote. The TV is TCL Roku.

  9. I have an Ematic Converter Box I am trying to program with the Rca Universal Remote. Can you please assist?

  10. I have,a rca unversial remote the number on the box says rcr6473dr i nead instructions and code to program a sanyo tv dvd combo can you help me

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