GPX DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Get GPX DVD remote codes! If you have a GPX DVD player and want to control it with a universal remote control, we have the codes needed. A GPX DVD player can be controlled with any universal remote if you have the correct programming guide and the correct remote codes. If the codes below do not work with your GPX DVD player, please leave a comment below with the model number of your remote control and DVD player and we will find you the correct remote code.

GPX DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Program your universal remote control to a GPX DVD player. Use the following remote codes.

GPX DVD Player 4 Digit Remote Control Codes:

Need more help programming your remote to your GPX DVD player? Please leave your question below and we will assist.

41 thoughts on “GPX DVD Player Remote Control Codes”

  1. May we please have the correct code. Using a Panasonic remote N2QAYB000100 and a GPX DVD player D200B. Thank you.

  2. I also have an RCA universal remote.
    I am desperately TRYING to find correct codes that are 5 digits and used for GPX DVD PLAYERS!

  3. Winston Davis

    I have a D200B GPX dvd player. I’m trying to program a RCA universal remote to operate my DVD player. I tried many ways to make it work properly, but to no avail. Please help…

  4. Hi, I have a tax universal remote, and I am looking for a code for GPx model dh 300b. I have found codes that the remote seems to accept, but then my player doesn’t respond, or will turn off but nothing else. Thank you

  5. I need help.please… I need remote code for a RCA remote model # RCR414BHE and my GPX DVD player model #D200B

  6. I am desperately seeking the program codes for my Hitachi CLU-5728TSI remote so I can control my GPX D1816 DVD player.

  7. Michele Wilkins

    I need the program code for my gpx model D200B and RCA universal remote model RCA504BE please.

  8. jessica martinez

    I have a magnavox universal remote control. I am trying to program dvd model GPX dvd player model number D1816 what r the codes to set dvd player?
    The remote model number is MC345.

  9. I have a Magnavox MC345 Universal Remote and I have tried all 4 of the codes to program it to my GPX D200B DVD/CD PLAYER with no results. Please Help?

  10. Just bought a rca universal remote and it won’t work on my gpx DVD player need help programing please

  11. I have a gpx dvd player model no. D200B
    And my remote is DirecTV universal remote (urc-1081BG0-0)
    Need 5 digit code

  12. I have a GPX DVD player, model #D200B mfgd. 8/13 and a Star Universal Remote Model #EL7065.
    I need the code for the DVD player to program the remote.

  13. Harold Johnston

    I have a GE remote control 24922 cl3 1530 trying to make it work with my GPX DVD player.

  14. I was wondering if there is a different code for comcast remotes?
    It appears I may need a 5 digit code.

  15. I have a GPX D200B model dvd player and a GE 27985 (not sure if that’s the model number for the remote). The codes in the manual don’t work.


    Could someone please tell me how to program the codes into GPX remote dvd.
    The codes are listed above here but not instructions how to program the remote in order for it work.

  17. Donald R Wilson Jr

    I have an RCA universal remote, RCR3273R.
    I need the 5 digit codes to program my GPX DVD.

  18. I have a GPX/DVD player in one. I also just received a replacement remote control from AT&T. Using their guide and the one on your site, I can’t manage to get it to work. Please help. Model #tde374bprs

  19. Help! Trying to program my new TiVo remote with my GPX Tv Dvd model no TDE 3282BP RS. So far it’s not working.

  20. I have a Hitachi clu-4322UG remote and a gpx dvd player. I can’t find the code to make them work together.

  21. Remote Control Codes

    Tam G,
    Can you give us the model number of your GPX DVD player and the Remote Control you are using?

  22. I am trying to program a GPX DVD player with a RCA remote. The model number on the DVD player is D200B and the model number on the remote control is either RCR 314 WZ or R25972 2T30EW.

  23. Marcellus Scott

    RCA universal remote is rcr004rwd.
    GPX DVD player is D200B.
    What’s the code and how to put it in?

  24. Remote Control Codes

    Ed ledford,
    Do you have a GPX or a GTX?
    GTX brands do not show in our database…
    If you meant GPX, the remote code is below………
    GPX COMBO TV and DVD Player Remote Code is 0944

  25. I have a GTX combination TV DVD player that I am trying to program into a universal remote control.
    The model number is TD2420AB.

  26. I have a 5 in 1 universal remote and GPX DVD player but can’t find working codes… The number on the remote is lm1079.

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