Memorex DVD Remote Control Codes

Need remote control codes for your Memorex DVD Player? We have a list of all known and working remote codes that will work with Memorex DVD players. The remote codes for Memorex DVD are 4 and 5 digit remote codes. The remote codes will work with all universal remote controls when programmed using the remote user’s manual. The Memorex DVD codes will also work for SAT and CABLE remotes. If you have any issues with the Memorex DVD remote codes not working, leave your question below with the model number of remote and Memorex DVD.

Remote Codes For Memorex DVD PlayersMemorex DVD Player Remote Codes

Memorex DVD 4 Digit Remote Control Codes
RCA Remote Codes for Memorex DVD players: 3391, 3384
One-For-All Universal Remote Codes for Memorex DVD players: 0797, 0854
GE Remote Codes for Memorex DVD players: 0446, 0394
Philips Remote Codes for Memorex DVD players: 1413, 1913, 0246, 1606

Memorex DVD 5 Digit Remote Control Codes

Need more codes for your Memorex DVD? Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist you further.

14 thoughts on “Memorex DVD Remote Control Codes”

  1. Bruce Arbuckle

    I need codes for Memorex model WDV2023. Can you assist? It was made in 2006
    Kind regards,

    Bruce Arbuckle

  2. I have a Dish 3.4 IR remote and a Memorex MVD2016 BLK cd/dvd player.
    I don’t know how to program the remote or have the right code to use.

  3. I have a dish. Network 40.0 hopper remote and am looking for the me or blue ray player cose to use on the DVD button.

  4. I have a GE universal remote and I have a Memorex MVBD2520 blue ray player and I can’t find a code that will work

  5. I have a Memorex MVD2016pnk and I bought a GE universal remote 7252 to use with it (I bought the DVD player used and it did not come with it’s own remote).
    None of the codes the remote came with are working.

  6. Trying to get my Rogers URC-2125BC0-BX Remote to control my Memorex MiTH5005 Surround Sound Receiver/DVD Player, but no codes I am trying are working.

    1. Remote Control Codes

      Try Memorex VCR codes 0035, 0037, 0039, 0047, 0000, 0240, 0048, 0104, 0046, 0162, 0072, and 0209.

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