RCA Home Theater Universal Remote Codes

RCA Home Theater remote codes. If you trying to control your RCA home theater with a universal remote control, here are the remote codes to operate your RCA. If the first codes do not work, keep trying the numbers down the list.

RCA home theater remote codesRCA home theater remote codes

Most common remote codes for RCA Home Theater:
Audio = 1254, 2154, 1913
Video = 1022, 1060, 1132

Please try the following remote codes with the unit turned ON to test if the unit will power OFF.
5 digit remote codes for RCA home theaters: 64257, 31254, 18192, 51472, 18704, 51216, 18448, 19216, 51728, 18960

Test the RCA Home Theater in Audio mode using 1254 as the setup code. Press Setup once and enter the 51988 code. The remote will send the IR signal. Holding the 5th digit will cause the signal to repeat and this should turn the volume down.

If you have issues finding the correct code for your remote to control your RCA home theater, let us know by leaving a comment below and we will assist.

49 thoughts on “RCA Home Theater Universal Remote Codes”

  1. I have a ge 4 device remote and I can not seem to get the remote to program to my RCA RT2781HB it’s programmed to my TV and DVD player but can’t seem to get the right code for the rca

  2. I have emerson research ht728e home theater system and i can’t power it on to paire it and i have looking for code on line but no one work for me i have tried 2-4 and five digit code about 70 with no result if u can help me it will be great

  3. Sylvia Spruytte

    I have a RCA RPJ143 projector and a RCR503BE remote. Is my projector considered TV, SAT, DVD ? What is the code? Can you please help ? Do I need a different remote ?

  4. I have an RCA RTD3136 Surround Sound system and have the optical cable connected to my Sony Bravia Smart TV. I have to use both units remote controls to turn on and control audio. Can I get the Sony remote to turn on RCA RTD3136 surround sound system along with TV, and also turn unit on and off with only the Sony Bravia remote? Also can Sony remote control the RCA RTD3136 volume control?
    Any instructions or links appreciated.
    Only have an optical connection from TV to RCA RTD3136 system.
    Thanks for any help.

  5. I have a RCA Surround Sound Pro Logic Receiver RV-9978A. The power bottom doesn’t turn the device on. I was using the remote to start/stop. I lost the remote. I have some RCA universal remotes. I need the codes to try to set the function. The device is in OFF mode.

  6. I have a home theatre audio video receiver rt2360.
    My universal remote number is rcr612.
    I try to program my rt2360, but nos success.
    I tried some codes, but nothing happened.
    Can you help me please.

  7. Do you have four digit codes for an RCA 37″ 5.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with Subwoofer & Bluetooth
    RCAModel: RTS739BWS
    I have a Dish 54.0 Voice Command Remote Control for Hopper

  8. Quentin Marquis Eleby

    I’m trying to program a RCR414BHE remote to a RCA RT2280 any help would be appreciated!!!

  9. I have RCA sudio receiver model no.: RT2770R. But the remote control broke down and I replaced it with universal remote control. My problem is the code in the remote manual is not working. Please help! Thank you!

  10. I have the RCA surround sound.
    I have Dish Network
    I need the code for the dish universe remote
    Thank You for your time

  11. Hi, I have a RT2500 receiver RCA Home Theater System. The original remote, (RCR 192 AD2) I DO NOT have of course. Problem is I can not power on my receiver. I believe it is in STANDBY mode when I plug it in. It will not turn on by the power button on the receiver itself and the two remotes that I have tried has failed. Both the “RCA” model RCU400 3402BB and a “One For All” universal model (URC 7880). Please help me?
    I really could use a code that works or some sort of solution to my problem.
    Is there a way to power it on without a remote?
    Is it possible to reset the receiver?

  12. I’m not sure on how to do the first step with the 1254 code setup , and none of these code seems to work. Someone help me?

  13. Have a GE universal remote I got it hooked up to DVD RCA surround sound. But can’t control sound on remote. I can the DVD player can turn on and off movie but not the device.

  14. I’m trying to use my Charter remote to operate a RCA RT151 speaker system and I can’t find a code that works.

  15. I have an RCA Sound bar Model #rts7010bge6, and I am using a GE universal remote #33712. I have done both manual and automation code searches, but nothing works.

  16. I have an rca sound bar, model # rts7113ws. Trying to program a charter spectrum remote. Charter OCAP 4 device remote control.

  17. I can not get a code that works with my RCA home theater system rt2781h or VTRRT2781H for Directv universal remote RC65.
    I have tried all codes from DIRECTV and all other codes I found that said they may or should work to no avail, If you can be of any help I would greatly appreciate it.

  18. I need the 5 digit code for the RCA RT2911 home theater system. Please please please

  19. Hi I have a rca rt2380bk receiver that I’m trying to control with my Directv remote but none of the codes are working, please help

  20. I need code for RTS739BWS.
    I have the Genie DIRECTV receiver and am using their remote.

  21. Shonnie L Shipp

    I have a Rca rtb1024 blu-ray home theater system I need the code to program my universal remote.

  22. Need code for RTB10223. Universal. The volume section worked. I could not find a match for other codes.

  23. Can not program my Directv remote (rc65) for me new rca rt2781hb. Tried all codes provided plus 991 with 30 minutes of tries…..help!


    Trying to get a code for a rca home theater model RTB 10220. I got a direct tv remote to work the volume but that’s the only thing it will operate. I also have a 4 digit GE universal remote but having no luck.

  25. I am trying to program a Directv universal remote control model RC66RX to control an RCA MODEL RT2781HB home theater system.
    None of the codes I have found works with the Directv Remote.
    Do you have a code that I might Try?

  26. Remote Control Codes

    CG Blade,
    For RCA 5.1 audio receiver, try the remote codes: 1023, 1609, 1254, 0080, 0531, 1074, 1390, or 1511.

  27. I have a brand new RCA 5.1 audio receiver model number RT2781HB.
    I have tried all of the DirecTV codes to control power and volume with DirecTV Remote Model number RC65RX.

  28. I have directv w/ remote RC73, genie
    The tv I have is, sharp LC-55N6000U.
    I am trying to get remote code for RCA RT2781HB home theater receiver.

  29. Need code for Charter OCAP Universal Electronics to control RCA Home Theater RTS7010B.
    Has to be a 5 digit code.
    All that start with 5 or 6 error out.

  30. I have a RCA blue ray home theater system rs281jd130530 and I lost the remote I bought a GE unvirsal but none of the codes are working.

  31. Recently purchased an RCA sound bar item RTS7010B. hooked it up OK, but would like to pair with my Entone cable remote so that I don’t have to use two remotes. My cable provider says the AUX button will allow this, but I need the “code”. My question is what is the 3, 4 or 5 digit code, or where can I find it.

  32. I also have the RCA RTD 315 Surround Sound with DVD player. We lost the remote and not one of the codes has worked on our Wow cable universal remote or the RCA universal remote I just purchased.

  33. I have a rtb103w3lw RCA home theater blu ray player, but lost the remote.
    I am trying to program a GE Universal remote but no codes are working what can i do?

  34. I am trying to get an RCA 192 aa9 remote to work with an inteset 422 remote. I tried the above codes (inteset only uses 5 number codes) and was not able to get them to work. I at least want to get the audio control to work for the optical input from my tv.

  35. Have RCA home theatre system RTD315 trying to program GE universal remote 24922 to it. All codes I found will not work.

  36. Remote Control Codes

    Tony Gregoire,
    Can you tell us the model number of your RCA home theater system with a DVD player?
    Once we have the model number we can assist.

    Try these codes for RCA Home Theater with DVD….
    Most RCA home theater systems will respond to Audio 1254 and to Video 1022, 1060, or 1132.
    If you can get a response from any button then you will be able to get everything working.


  37. Tony Gregoire

    I’m trying to setup a remote for my RCA home theater system it has a DVD player as well and I can’t get it to work with the codes I have. Can I get help getting it set up please?

  38. Priscilla Corley

    Just bought RTB10323LW, trying to use DirecTV Tivo remote. Can’t find it by searching, but this system is replacing an RCA bluray home theater, & this same remote worked for it.

  39. Remote Control Codes

    Dave F,
    Have you tried 3, 4, and 5 digit remote codes?
    For Audio try 1254 or 11254
    For Video try 1022, 1060, 1132, or 11022.

  40. I have an RCA RT2390 Home Theatre System that I am trying to operate using a One For All universal remote (URC-5600B00) I have been searching on line for codes and have tried about 30 or more different codes with no success. Can you please help.

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