Remote Control Codes For Matrix TVs

Matrix TV remote codes. If you need the remote codes for your Matrix TV to control it with a universal remote control, these codes will operate your Matrix TV. We have 3 and 4 digit codes below for your TV that are working. If the first does not work keep trying the codes down the list.

Matrix TV remote codesRemote codes for Matrix TVs

3 Digit Remote Codes for Matrix TVs:

4 Digit Remote Codes for Matrix TVs:

Matrix multi-brand remote codes for TV’s.
1 – Turn on TV.
2 – Press and hold the TV key and enter the codes for your brand.
3 – If your TV turned off then you entered the right code and setup is complete.
(If not repeat with a different code.)

Need help with more Matrix remote codes or setting up your remote with your Matrix TV? Please leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Remote Control Codes For Matrix TVs”

  1. Hi! I try the universal remote and i try to use the 3 digit code number. after we on the power its not responding anymore . Please help me the model of our Matrix tv is MX-LED473E.
    Thank you….

  2. All the 3 digit codes for my Matrix Tv are not working. Will you please give me more 3 digit codes to set my universal remote control for my Matrix TV. Thank you.

  3. Chester john bucu

    Hi good day

    Do you have any code to my matrix t.v model 3280 i buy universal remote brand huayu but its not working Do u have any suggestion Ty..

  4. Hi –

    Do you have any recommendations on what universal remote brand works best with Matrix LED TVs?


  5. Good day!
    Model no.: MX-LED2280) is not responding anymore. I want to buy universak remote control but
    theres no code available for matrix. Can you please help me?what are the codes usually used for universal- matrix remote control.
    I hope you can help me on this matter.
    Thank you and God bless.

  6. Remote Control Codes

    What do you mean by “Can’t open TV”?
    Are you referring to the power button on your TV or on the Remote Control?

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