Remote Control Codes For Skyworth TVs

Looking for Skyworth TV remote codes? I’m trying to set up my cable/satellite/universal remote to work with my Skyworth television. What is the manufacturer’s code for my Skyworth TV?

If you have recently bought a universal remote control and you need the remote codes to operate your Skyworth TV or Skyworth TV/DVD Combo, we have codes below for your TV. These 3, 4, and 5 digit codes will work with universal remote controls. If the first does not work keep trying the numbers down the list.

Remote Control Codes For Skyworth TVsSkyworth TVs Remote Control Codes

Skyworth TV 3 Digit Remote Control Codes

Skyworth TV 4 Digit Remote Control Codes

Skyworth TV 5 Digit Remote Control Codes

If there is another code listed for Skyworth in your universal remote control guide, please try that code. Refer to the Remote Control Guide under your TV’s model number if needed.

Need other Skyworth TV remote codes? Please ask us below and we will get you the codes needed to program your Skyworth TV.

17 thoughts on “Remote Control Codes For Skyworth TVs”

  1. looking to have my Skyworth remote work my Motorola PVR (Shaw Direct) is there a way to do this?

  2. Juergen Schwinn

    Hi there. Cannot find the proper remote control code for my skyworth 28e880 tv. Any help is highly appreciated. I’m using a newly purchased universal remote control no brand.

  3. I am looking for a code for Hayworth model HS-89. To be used for Shaw direct remote- Canada – should be 5 digit – I have tried multiple suggestion and even Shaw’s searching for code method- please review and advise

  4. I need the remote control codes for the 40′ skyworth model49E20300 TV to program it to the shaw direct IRC 600 remote thank you

  5. Sonny Babu Onat

    Please provide code for skyworth TV model 58G2A300 for ge universal remote

  6. i am mounting a new skyworth tv. I have comcast , according to the code book 11799 does not operate tv. Also i have tried scanning for codes also. no luck.. i need some assisstence. can someone help me

  7. I have a skyworth tv model number 50U10. I am trying to find a code compatible with Rogers Tv, …or shaw since the remote is a shaw product. I have tried all 4 didgit codes on this site and have tried all Toshiba codes listed on the rogers site. Can you provide me with codes that will work on Rogers Canada please

  8. I programed my remote for a Skyworth E2 Series 40″ FHD 1080p LED TV 40E2 using a search for codes method. the remote found my TV, it turns the tv off and it will adjust the volume but will not turn the tv on ? what’s up ?

  9. Hi there, I tried all ways and codes for my skyworth TV. Didn’t work my model number is 58G2A300,any advise.

  10. roberto ardoza

    please help.
    remote control code for skyworth 50E2000 series using universal remote control

  11. I have a RCR503BZ 3 in 1 remote trying to control a skyworth tv/DVD combo I got the TV code but can’t find the DVD code is there one code that controls both or separate codes if there is what is the code for the DVD player.

  12. Skyworth 32E360 3 digit remote control codes.
    My new remote control is a Chunghop rm-139es.

  13. Thanks for your help but it did not work for my new tv.
    I have now a Skyworth 65E6000 and a remote control tv one for all URL 11 2981.
    Could you tell me if it is compatible?
    If so what is the 4 digit code i have to use?

  14. I have a Skyworth TV/DVD model is SLC2219A3S.
    Trying to get code for a GE universal remote. I have tried all of codes above… any help would be appreciated.

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