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DVR Remote Control Replacements

If you have lost your DVR remote control, you might as well buy a new one as the cable or satellite company will make you rent one. They can charge upwards of $5 US dollars a month just for the DVR remote. If you lost your remote they will make you pay for the old one and rent a new one. Avoid the charges and buy one for around $10 to $20 US dollars.

DVR replacement remotes for Cox, Comcast, Xfinity, Directv, Dish, Time Warner, and more

Here are some of the most popular DVR replacement remotes for all cable and satellite TV companies. They are all below and available to buy online most with free shipping. So if you lost your remote for Cox, Comcast, Directv, Dish or other TV provider company, replacement remotes are below, click on one to see pricing.

DVR replacement remotesDVR replacement remotes

Charter Remote Control for HDTV DVR Cable BOXCharter Remote Control for HDTV DVR Cable BOX

Comcast Xfinity HD TV DVR Universal Remote ControlComcast Xfinity HD TV DVR Universal Remote Control

Cox Communications DVR Universal Remote ControlCox Communications DVR Universal Remote Control


Dish Network DVR Learning Remote ControlDish Network DVR Learning Remote Control

Dish Network DVR PVR Remote ControlDish Network DVR PVR Remote Control

TiVo Slide Pro DVR RemoteTiVo Slide Pro DVR Remote

Are we forgetting any DVR universal remotes for cable or satellite? Please leave a comment below and we will help you find a replacement remote if needed.