Insignia DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Searching for Insignia DVD remote codes? If you have a Insignia DVD player and want to control it with a universal remote control, we have the codes needed. A Insignia DVD player can be controlled with any universal remote if you have the correct programming guide and the correct remote codes. If the codes below do not work with your Insignia DVD player, please leave a comment below with the model number of your remote control and DVD player and we will find you the correct remote code.

Insignia DVD Remote Control CodesInsignia DVD Remote Control Codes

Program your universal remote control to a Insignia DVD player.

Use the following remote codes.

3 Digit Insignia DVD Player Remote Control Codes

4 Digit Insignia DVD Player Remote Control Codes

5 Digit Insignia DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Need more help programming your remote to your Insignia DVD player? Please leave your question below and we will assist.

7 thoughts on “Insignia DVD Player Remote Control Codes”

  1. I just bought a Samsung UBD-M8500 Blu-ray player. Their instructions ask me to enter a 2-digit TV control code for my Insignia 19″ 720p 60Hz LED TV, but this is not listed in the table and I can’t find it online. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Can I program a universal remote for my vertical DVD player – VDVD-1 and what is the 4 digit code for it?

  3. Stacy Konieczki

    Insignia DVD player model NS-HDVD18.
    RCA universal systemlink 6 AV remote.
    I have found nothing that works to program this remote to this DVD player .please help

  4. My friend has a used Insignia DVD/VCR player made in 2006 and she would like me to find a universal remote control for it.
    The model no. is 040924
    Serial no. is 606053678. It also has the numbers LR58446 on it. Do you have a code for this?
    Can I use any universal remote made for Insignia?
    Thank you

  5. I did not find my code. It’s a phillips universal remote srp5107/27 (4 number code.)
    And insignia dvd playerns-d160a14

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