Pioneer DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Looking for Pioneer DVD remote codes? If you have a Pioneer DVD player and want to control it with a universal remote control, we have the codes needed. A Pioneer DVD player can be controlled with any universal remote if you have the correct programming guide and the correct remote codes. If the codes below do not work with your Pioneer DVD player, please leave a comment below with the model number of your remote control and DVD player and we will find you the correct remote code.

Pioneer DVD Remote Control CodesPioneer DVD Remote Control Codes

Program your universal remote control to a Pioneer DVD player.

Use the following remote codes.

4 Digit Pioneer DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Need more help programming your remote to your Pioneer DVD player?

Please leave your question below and we will assist.

12 thoughts on “Pioneer DVD Player Remote Control Codes”

  1. Hi,
    I have a pioneer dvd(DV-2032) and a universal 3 digit remote(RM-230E.
    Please kindly help me with the 3 pin code.

  2. I have lost my Pioneer DVD player remote control.
    The Pioneer DVD is model number xv-dv-262.
    Please help me to get a replacement, or the original one if is possible.

  3. Help,
    I no longer have the use of the remote for my Laser Disk player, can you supply the URC code for my LDV, model: DVL 909. The remote unit is a CUDV018, “CU-DV018”, part #VXX2549. thanks.

    Percy Stovall

  4. I own a Pioneer DVD player model DV-2022K, but I lost the original Remote control and don’t know the RC 4 digit code.

  5. Simon Hagenberg

    I have a xv-dv505 reciver and a One for all remote what is The code I need to connect these too together?

  6. Hi I have a pioneer Dolby digital pro logic 2 xv-dv 272 with a remote xxd3158 that does not work anymore. Can you please check if you hace a code for a universal remorse for me?

  7. hi i have a pioneer dvd player DV-410V, old remote control was spoil and cant find any shop got sell in penang and i did buy a universal brand… after i following the instruction i able to use the remote control but not all function can use… especially when i try to change the sub-title … it cant change so how i reprogram it or what is the code can use??

  8. Pioneer DVD player DV-3022V: what is the 3 digit universal remote code I need to enter ?

  9. Trying to program my Pioneer DVD player DV-525 in to my RCA Universal Remote RCR003RWDZ. Tried inputting the 4 digit codes and adding a 3 in front of it as is the way with this particular remote as well as the auto program feature but no go. Any other codes I could try or suggestions?

  10. I have a Pioneer Elite DV-49AV. The remote codes do not works on it. Why doesn’t the manufacturer publish these remote codes?

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