Digital Stream TV Converter Box Remote Codes

Digital Stream converter box remote codes. Here is a list of remote codes for the Digital Stream Converter Box. These codes can be used to control your TV with the Digital Stream converter box remote control or a Universal remote. You can control Television sets for all major brands after programming the converter box remote control or a universal remote with the remote codes below.

Digital Stream Converter Box Remote Control CodesDigital Stream Converter Box Remote Control Codes

3 Digit Digital Stream TV Converter Box Remote Codes

4 Digit Digital Stream TV Converter Box Remote Codes

5 Digit Digital Stream TV Converter Box Remote Codes

Digital Stream DTX remote control codesDigital Stream DTX remote control codes

Digital Stream TV Converter Box Troubleshooting

The Digital Stream Remote Control does not work for my TV.
How do I search for the programming codes using the remote that came with the Digital Stream converter box?

1 – Make sure the TV is turned on.

2 – Press and hold the TV power button.
NOTE: The TV power button will need to be pressed and held the complete time you are programming the remote.
When the TV power button is released then programming ends.

3 – Press the Up Arrow repeatedly until the TV turns off.
Allow 1 second between presses for the remote to send the code and for the TV to respond.
After 105 Up Arrow presses, the remote control has ran through the complete list of TV codes.
To try again, use the same method, but press the Down Arrow to scan through the TV codes in the other direction.

4 – When the TV turns off, turn it back on using the remote.

5 – Check that all of the TV buttons work.
NOTE: If any of the TV buttons do not work keep searching for a remote code from step 1.

To reset the remote, clear the memory by removing the batteries and pressing some buttons on the remote. Then replace the batteries.

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9 thoughts on “Digital Stream TV Converter Box Remote Codes”

  1. Hi!
    The remote that came with Digital Stream DXT9950 converter box stopped working. I got a new RCA universal remote and tried 52303, 00749, 00819, but not working. Also tried all the Toshiba codes (my TV is Toshiba), but not working.

    What is the code?

  2. I have a eXuby STB-1103 converter box and the remote stopped working trying to get codes for rca universal remote have tried all the codes you have and it doesn’t work how can I get codes ? the old remote says it is a IR{36kHz) or on request a RC3 {38kHz} NEC any help would be appreciated.

  3. I entered a 4 digit code into a GE Universal Remote. It has no button for digital converter box so I chose CBL. Works fine except for the number buttons. I can change the channel using the Up and Down channel button, but when I press any of the number keys I get nothing.

  4. Hi! I tried all of the codes you have listed for the Digital Stream DXT9950 converter box, but I am still unable to locate the correct codes for the box. I’m using a new RCA universal remote. I saw the bottom statement saying that if the remote still doesn’t work, it cannot be programmed to the box. Since your site has been up, have there been any changes and/or codes that would help program a universal remote? Please help! Thank you! ??!

  5. I have a coby digital box.
    It works great.
    There was no remote control for it when I picked it up in the second hand for probably $4.00.
    They were selling these digital boxes in wal -mart at one point in time.
    I picked up an RCA 4 in 1 Palm Size Universal remote.
    But the codes that they give you for the digital box will not work the digital box.
    Is there a universal remote on the market that will work a Coby Digital Converter Box.

  6. I’ve tried everything I know I lost the remote to my Digistream Dx4.
    I bought a GE universal remote that takes 4 numbers and a RCA universal 5 number remote I tried the numbers posted here but no luck.
    Have any ideas?

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