Remote Control Codes For Mitsubishi TVs

Remote codes for Mitsubishi TVs. Below is a list of all Mitsubishi remote control codes to be used with ALL Mitsubishi televisions. These codes can be used with all universal remotes if your remote needs a 4 digit code.

Mitsubishi TV Remote Codes

Mitsubishi TV Remote Codes:

Do you have questions about the remote codes above for a Mitsubishi TV? Please leave a comment below if you need other remote codes for your universal remote.

9 thoughts on “Remote Control Codes For Mitsubishi TVs”

  1. I have a Polaroid TV. Trying to use a Magnavox universal remote to set. Up my TV. Need help please

  2. I have a Mitsubishi Electric 52″ Monitor. LDT521V and I can’t find a universal remote that will work. Any suggestions? Is there a code that will work for this model?

  3. TV is old Mitsubishi CT-29B4EST
    (Made in UK 775C674B7)
    New Silvercrest remote control is not to be used because the codes are not suitable!
    (Old remote control was broken, dead … SANWA 700A03203A)
    I want to buy good old remote control codes, or get a good Brand Code and Code TV to operate the Silvercrest.

  4. Remote Control Codes

    m. shepherd,
    Try all of the codes from the top down…. one of them will work with a GE universal remote.

  5. I have a Mitsubishi TV and I am trying to program a GE universal remote.
    Regardless of which code I use it don’t seem to work.
    The instructions that came with it said a 4 digit was needed.
    I tried their codes none seem to work.
    However when I tried the first code you had listed 0150, I did get a different response.
    It did not turn my tv on or off.
    Should all the codes be entered or just any one of the four you listed.

  6. Remote Control Codes

    Try these other Mitsubishi TV Remote Codes 004, 005, 009, 022, 046, 081, 089, 132, 133, 180, 0178.
    Do you need 3, 4 or 5 digit codes for your remote?

  7. I have a Mitsubishi TV WD-60737.
    For my remote control I purchased an RCR311BIR.
    Cannot find code for TV. Need help!

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